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fulldisclosure Hi! Welcome to my review for the book, Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson

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No disclaimer needed as I purchased this book outright. I have always enjoyed reading Dee Henderson’s novels, and when I saw this one come out, I didn’t want to bother with arrangements. Just wanted to dive in and read!

My Review
Snackable? Not really. It’s a novel. Breaking up reading into parts was not very fun. I think what I enjoy most about these novels are the ability to escape for a while into their world. It kind of ruins the effect to keep jumping back and forth.

“Lundie” ending? Of course. Christian Fiction never ends bad. Sometimes ends stupid, but never really “bad”. This one was fine.

Best thing? Contrary to some of the reviews I read (which is a bad idea when you’re trying to write your own reviews), I really liked the twist of having Ann be the author of the novels. I have read and enjoyed most, if not all, of Dee’s O’Malley series. I wish I had read them more recently, as I would have enjoyed the revelation of all the little tie-ins.

I also saw criticism of the way the relationship developed between Ann and Paul. I think that’s one of the cooler things about the way Dee Henderson writes. She managed to change it up and allow for differences in personality types and differences in the way love happens. Ann happened to be a rather extreme introvert. Paul saw and understood this about her, and adapted. That to me was a demonstration of perception and respect. So it wasn’t the typical type of pursuit – he gathered intel on her before jumping in. Nicely done.

Worst thing? I think for me, he “cleanliness” of the characters’ relationship with God was unrealistic. Mainstream Christian readers would probably enjoy it. Nice and safe. Rated G. Well, possibly PG for some of the violence. Ultimately, I think the author missed an opportunity to add another layer of depth to her characters by giving them a more complex path to faith.

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