Experiment Day 2: Planning

[The continuing story of me and minimalism. I’m working through a not-quite-real-time version of a “21 Day Journey into Minimalism” as illustrated by]

With your vision firmly in place, it is time for you to plan your journey into minimalism. You will spend one to two hours today planning your journey into minimalism.

— Day 2: Planning

So…Day 2. Most of today was spent working from home and taking care of a sick kid. Seems I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. I read through bits of the Day 2 post several times throughout the day and got progressively frustrated. I was expecting each day to have a full set of instructions, and no matter how many times I read over it, I was just not “getting” it. What was I planning? A schedule where I did things to support my “musts”? It didn’t seem to make sense. Then I decided to step out of my OCD shoes for a moment and go ahead and “read ahead” through the next few days. BINGO!

Now I can see that I’m going to need to plan some time to do the Day 3 stuff. Mine won’t happen all tomorrow. It might happen a little bit, but as I am not the sole occupant of this home, I can’t just start something so drastic without some level of buy-in from J4!

My main plan is this: since I can’t just pack up the whole house, I am going to start in 2 places – the bookshelf in the living room and my side of the closet (and if I’m doing well, my dresser space). I will box up all the books in the living room, leaving out only the items that I know I will not be rid of in this wave (photo albums, new books I haven’t read yet, but must — the ones I bought and never will can go — I’m ready to be rid of that guilt-on-a-shelf). The clothes are already bagged up into smaller sizes for when I lose the weight I’ve been trying to lose for over 10 years now. We’ll see if they ever return…

On Friday, the 7th, I believe I will start in the kitchen.
Next Tuesday, the 11th, I will finish up in the kitchen.
The following Friday, the 14th, I will work on the basement pantry shelves.

This is my first guess at a timeline. I will take pictures. I may even post pictures. Here’s my bookshelf for inspiration to keep me motivated tomorrow. (BTW, this will probably be difficult for me tomorrow. I love books. I love to own them. I love to see them. I like to hoard them. It is painful for me to be rid of them, but they also hold a great deal of weight and guilt in my heart for not reading them. Time to shed some of that kind of weight too.)

The Living Room Bookshelf – Before

Oh, and on a side note, I dragged myself and my recovering kid out on a walk today, thus supporting the “must” of exercise. Go me!

Lundie – Before 😉
Photo by J5

Good night.