Tomorrow is Election Day

Early voting rocks!

Wow. This is such a loaded topic I’m actually a bit afraid to talk about it publicly. Of course since this is a NaBloPoMo writing prompt, technically I *should* write on it to stay consistent with my desire to complete the writings for this month. And I don’t want to be a big ol’ ninny-chicken!

So…my thoughts:

  • This has been the most divisive election season I have experienced. While I am sure politics have been ugly from the beginning of time, it just feels uglier than it has in the past. So very tired of people going on and on about how they’re going to vote AGAINST a particular person. It seems like we’re motivated more by fear and hate than by inspiration and belief. And no wonder – everything from TV commentators is geared to create drama. Ugh.
  • I voted early, so tomorrow just means watching the polls on TV. J5 keeps asking me when we’ll know who won, so I’m guessing we’ll watch with him for a while until he realizes it won’t be a quick result and says it’s boring!
  • I have been brought up to always vote, as part of my patriotic duty (thanks Mom!). It’s hard because I know my individual vote doesn’t have the impact we are led to believe it does. To this day I don’t completely understand our whole Electoral vote system. However, I do know that when a bunch of people get together and try to change things, change can happen.
  • People with a heart for a single hot-topic issue seem to believe that it’s wise to select a candidate based on their party’s stance on that one issue. I think we overestimate the power of a president to make drastic changes in our pet area of interest, and we may underestimate the negative impact they may have on other issues we don’t know as much about.
  • I suspect not a lot will change regardless of the outcome tomorrow (or next week depending on how close it is…)
  • I will be so glad when friends loved ones will stop (unintentionally, I hope) saying hurtful things in the name of politics. Facebook activity is not invisible, people. When you like or comment on something, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS can see it, even if they don’t follow it. So, if you happen to talk meanly about “those people”, remember, “those people” can hear you…

Writing this evening inspired by the November 2012 NaBloPoMo Writing Prompt:
Monday, November 5, 2012 – What are your thoughts about tomorrow’s election in the United States?

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    Great post!!! You’ve been in my inbox but I haven’t been able to carve out the time to get here. “Big ol ninny chicken” got me :). Well said dear friend! Love you! Big hug! Off and running. Yes, I’ll be taking the kiddo into the voting booth with me tomorrow. 🙂

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    Wake me when my “friends and loved ones stop (unintentionally, I hope) saying hurtful things in the name of politics” please.  I’ll be passed out in the corner until then.

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