The Post Where I Pick Up

I have debated whether to “pick up”, “catch up” or “give up” on my NaBloPoMo writings for Days 20-24, and decided on getting caught up. The questions are short, and I can answer them quickly.

Of course, now that I am writing this, I’m not so sure. As I sit here, the draft title is “The Post Where I Get Caught Up”. This is a common theme on my life. Getting sidetracked on a goal, then as the days pass and I fall further behind, the guilt-whispers in my head always chanting about my failure, my being less than… So here I am, a sore throat and a sinus-infection coming on ready to quiet at least ONE of the nagging voices in my head. And I realize that in life, sometimes, you can just cut your losses, pick up and go from where you are, rather than try to get everything just right.

Is this blog for me? Or for you? Well, as much as I dream of writing for a cause, and changing peoples lives, in all honesty, this blog is for me. It’s a place I can speak with a small group of potential and imaginary listeners and find my clarity. For all the thinking I have going on every moment in my head, it isn’t until I put it in writing, or into spoken word that I recognize it and can act decisively on it. So, anyway, talking this out makes me realize sometimes I just have to cut the rope that I have tied to the tarp filled with the stuff I wanted to do back then, but didn’t or couldn’t, and I’ve been dragging along for that “someday” when you have time. Done. Not gonna worry about the missed posts. Today is just going to be my NaBloPoMo “Weekends are for free writing” post. That’s it.

I am getting sick. I hate being sick. My brain shuts down and I turn into one big whine. And sinus infections take me out so fast. Affecting breathing and seeing and thinking all in one fell swoop. See! **WHINE**

So even though I am starting to feel like utter crap, I vacuumed, mopped, and cleaned around the house. Then I decided to go ahead to put up the tree that my DH so kindly brought up from the basement. We bought this pre-lit tree several years ago at an after-Christmas sale. It’s tall and thin so fits nicely into a corner without making us rearrange the whole house. Well, each year, more of the bulbs are bumped, unplugged, or simply burnt out. I have a cool tool called the Light Keeper Pro that lets you jack into the string and force more current (or something like that) into the string to light all the lights at a low level. This lets you see which ones are actually burnt out so you can replace them. Each year, I have had to hunt down replacement bulbs. Turns out the ones at Ace are too large, but not by much. I did eventually find some that sort of work, but the wires out the bottom of the bulb are a tad short and just barely poke out to fit into the green plastic jackets. Usually, if I have to replace one or two in a string to get it back up and running, that’s no problem. Last year I had to replace about 12 bulbs. Today, this is what I ended up having to work with. Not sure it’s even worth getting started…

Our “Pre-Lit” Tree