Writing this evening inspired by the November 2012 NaBloPoMo Writing Prompt: Weekends are for free-writing! So, I again selected the Five Minute Friday word for yesterday:


Stay. To remain. To continue. Right now my fingers are pretty much staying on the keys, not moving. Words are staying deep down and not bubbling up and out.

J4 and I just celebrated our 17th Anniversary. It’s not officially until next week, but we had the opportunity to go out so we took it. Got to see Louis C.K. He talked about the permanence of his divorce and how happy he was to be divorced. He was very funny about it. But a tiny bit of myself got sad. People just don’t stay married much anymore. I’m not going to ramble out the sanctity of marriage, but the thinking about staying has made me think about what that means.

For me, if I’m in a conflict, fight or flight kicks in. Flight usually wins. But one of the things I’m learning about myself is that when I stay, things get worked out. There’s no chance of getting through a conflict to the other side if you don’t stick around.

I’m glad I’m learning to stay. It’s so worth it.


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