Quiet is how I recharge. At least some of the time. Well, it’s how I heal. Recharge takes music. My music.

Quiet is not usually possible in a home with a child (an awake one anyway). I am currently listening to my 7yo impersonate Dr. Doofenschmirtz (sp?). “Behold, the bomb-circuit-inator!!!” while his Mario Bros. music plays over iTunes. Yeah, most of my life has that kind of soundtrack.

Quiet is not without risk, though. It can leave me feeling judged. I guess that’s because I am alone with my thoughts and they come in loud and clear. Quiet is often accompanied by free time in which I need to choose how to fill the time. Do something positive and proactive? Or loaf on the couch and surf the net and watch TV. It’s hard for me to sit in the house without some sort of media input (TV, Facebook, etc.)

Now I am beginning to realize that I don’t actually experience quiet all that often. I have this compulsion to fill my head with something. Interesting how I just was reading about the role of quiet in a relationship with God. Waiting on God to be more precise.

If the question be asked, whether this be anything different from what we do when we pray, the answer is, that there may be much praying with but very little waiting on God. In praying we are often occupied with ourselves, with our own needs, and our own efforts in the presentation of them. In waiting upon God, the first thought is of the God upon whom we wait. We enter His presence, and feel we need just to be quiet, so that He, as God, can overshadow us with Himself. God longs to reveal Himself, to fill us with Himself. Waiting on God gives Him time in His own way and divine power to come to us.
Murray, Andrew (2010-06-01). Waiting on God (p. 10). Kindle Edition.

I think I’m due some more deliberate quiet time.

Writing this evening inspired by the November 2012 NaBloPoMo Writing Prompt: Weekends are for free-writing. I am using Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five-Minute Friday for today.
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    I love that quote from Murray. It is incredibly hard to find quiet with the kid soundtrack going on. I find when I’m alone I have absolutely nothing turned on, am just in my own wanderings. I have tried to change that recently and now turn the radio on and tune it to classics or country. I seem to be on an opposite journey and am trying to work my way out of the cave on the mountain and reengage ;o). Love you my friend. Loving your writing!

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