Giving Thanks

Since this is another free writing night, I have been mulling over topic for a bit. Thought about trying to dig up some sort of writing prompt, but am feeling significantly under-motivated. Then I thought about writing a game review of Minecraft, since that’s what I’ve been doing with my time instead of writing this evening, but I’m not in the mood for that either. Playing Minecraft is a somewhat mindless distraction for me, when I play it in the evening like this.

So, since we’re about 4 days from Thanksgiving, I decided I’d just make a list of things I am thankful for at this moment.

  • 17 years of marriage to (and over 20 years of being together with) John (aka J4). It just keeps getting better, people. I’ve got no way else to word it. He’s my heart and soul mate. He’s a phenomenal father. He’s an amazing person.
  • Learning the mom thing with Jack (aka J5). This kid is built out of a piece of my heart. Never knew I could love a little human quite so much. Every day brings some new discovery, some new bit of humor, or builds another layer of patience. 🙂
  • Music. I have spent this afternoon drifting around YouTube after someone on FB linked me to an X Factor clip. They both were amazing. If you are bored, check out Carly Rose Sonenclar and Malaki Paul (kleenex warning on the second one).
  • Friends. The friends who listen as well as speak. The ones who do life along side. The ones who don’t need gossip in order to keep a conversation going. The ones who manage to be close even though they are far, far away. The ones who make us laugh. The ones who let us cry and discreetly remove the snot rags. The ones who can disagree without fighting or insulting. And the ones who will always be, even with no maintenance.
  • Sleep. That blissful state where one for a short time rests.

And with that, I am about to partake in that last one. See you all tomorrow!