Free Writing

Heh. Yeah. Writing as if the words came freely. It has been a long time since that has been the case.

Back in college, my Freshman English class at a University was a bit of a farce. Rather than teaching us writing skills, we were doing a lot of stream-of-consciousness writing. It wasn’t until I went back home and picked up some classes at a Community College that I actually learned structured critical writing.

Anyhoo – I was reading through some of the other NaBloPoMo posts via Twitter and I saw one that had a regular Friday sort of free writing session. I guess since I have no real topic today I will use my time and see what comes out with the old s-o-c writing. The water’s rusty, my friend.

Spent the day with my kid, J5. Nothing new about that. I’m a part time worker, and part time WAHM/SAHM. I spend a LOT of time with my kid. But today J4 (my dh) was away with some work friends for the day and so I was the single parent on a Saturday. It was kind of nice. Even nicer is the realization (yet again) that I miss my husband when he’s not around. Kind of nice after almost 17 years of marriage!

So, here I sit on a Saturday night. Catching up on my shows on Hulu. Trying desperately to have words begin to yet again flow. I really do love to write. To create. To see the correct expression in words of things that are in my heart and head. Perfectionism is a killer of words and ideas, and I have suffered greatly. But free writing or stream of consciousness writing may be a happy antidote. I think I’m gonna keep it up on the weekends, especially when I have no strong topic floating around to express.

Happy Weekend!

Writing this evening inspired by the November 2012 NaBloPoMo Writing Prompt: Weekends are for free-writing!