Baby Steps – At 41 years

I have had a bit of a mental breakthrough. I’ts sure been a long time coming. There are some background things that have moved me along the way:

  • feeling stalled at the age of 41 – finding that as J5 gets into first grade, the rhythms of school life are less traumatic, and require less direct interaction. I’ve pretty much accomplished the main life goals I’d set – finish college, get a job, get married, have a family.
  • seeing my unhealthy habits replicated in my 7yo – There’s nothing as sobering as seeing J5 facing some of the same challenges I’ve always had: sedentary hobbies, love of carbs. If I’m going to help my kid live a healthy life, I am going to have to demonstrate it.
  • realizing I needed to get a basic understanding of my calorie intake – as someone recently told me, “what is measured can be managed”. I can’t really begin to improve what I’m eating if I can’t remember and don’t track it.
  • seeing my husband train for the Tough Mudder, and finish with all his crazy friends – The lazy me always wanted J4 to “help” me get fit, but it hasn’t been until he did his own thing fitness wise that I was inspired to figure out what worked for me – to really look for where *I* struggle, and for what will work for *me*.

So, I signed up for SparkCoach, SparkPeople’s paid program. I have used SparkPeople’s free tools off and on for a few years now. The extra daily guidance and feedback that SparkCoach offers has been nice. The right program at the right time. Some of the basic things I’m doing:

  • Daily check-in with SparkCoach
  • Some kind of cardio exercise for 10 minutes every day – I use the RunKeeper app on my phone when I walk outside, otherwise I just hit the treadmill.
  • Tracking my food – Of course, the goal is to reduce my # of calories, but my baby steps at this point is to just track everything. Once tracking is a habit, then I’ll worry about total numbers. (Of course the side effect of tracking is that I am getting a feel for what things and what quantities are healthier than others, and I am starting to make different choices without the stress.)

Only time will tell, but for the first time in a long time, I’m feeling real hope. Not just wishing, but actual hoping!

If you think you might want to give SparkPeople a spin, click the link below to sign up (and it will give me super fun points for the referral!) 🙂

Join me at:


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    That sounds amazing Lundie! I agree that the first step is tracking it :), everything branches from that point. I hope you find inspiration and success!!!

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    Thanks for sharing, glad you are doing well!  I did not know Spark had a paid coaching program. 

    Enjoy the journay, I know I am enjoying mine more than I used to and still focusing on finishing some goals while setting others, but I am trying to stay in the present more than I used to and be grateful for all of it. 

    Have a great day,


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