So I’ve signed up for a 5k…

This past few weeks, J4 and I worked together to complete a Fitness Challenge run at the local YMCA. We split the task of completing the equivalent of the Road to Kona marathon. (169 lengths for swimming, 112 miles for biking and 26.2 miles for running). Though we didn’t quite finish in the allotted time (we got 3 weeks), it did have the positive result of getting me up and moving.

I got the swimming done in decent time, and J4 worked on the biking. It was the running (um, walking) that did us in. So the end of the challenge time I decided I’d start one of the Couch to 5k (C25K) programs I found online. Then, out of the blue, someone I know on FB invited me to a local 5k on May 5.

It just so happens, I’ll be turning 41 a couple days after the marathon. It seemed like a bit of a sign. I might be able to finish another one of my Life List items before leaving this landmark age of 40!

Time to go shopping for some shoes!