One Word: Willing

In the whirlwind of the holidays, I haven’t had much time to stop and reflect. Or at least, I haven’t taken the time. This year, our New Years’ ended up being a quiet evening at home, a couple of movies, a couple of bottles of champagne. J4 and I had a light conversation about what things we’d like to be different in 2012.

I’m not one for a long list of resolutions, quickly forgotten. I did blog-drift around a bit this morning and came across a site that sounded more like my kind of thing.

All you need to do is choose “one word that sums up who you want to be or how you want to live or what you want to achieve by the end of 2012.”

I know that many of my dreams, wishes, goals, you name it. are not coming to be simply because I have not become willing to do what it takes to accomplish (and in some cases, even pursue) them. I am a stubborn gal. One of my most remembered and repeated childhood quotes is “I can’t want to.”

So, after some brainstorming today, and some reflecting, I kept coming back to the idea of being willing. Underlying my failure to accomplish so much in my life is an unwillingness to let go of the things that hold me back. This willingness is what I am going to pray for this year. There is a lot of life I have been missing, and I pray that I become willing to partake in it!