The Cake Was Not a Lie

For J5’s 6th birthday, J4 and I decided to throw him a Portal birthday party.

[For those who haven’t seen or played Portal by Valve…]

To complete the game you solve complex puzzles to complete levels. The computer, named GlaDOS (who you hear speaking in the video above), talks to (and taunts) you the whole time. GlaDOS, while playing mind games with you, promises you cake, but as you proceed through the game, you find out that “the cake is a lie”.

Along the way, one of the items you have to use to solve your puzzles, and strangely get attached to is the Weighted Companion Cube. It looks like the regular Weighted Storage Cubes except for the little heart in the middle:

In order to win, you must defeat GlaDOS. Part of that process requires the removal and destruction of the “Personality Cores”. These four cores look like this:

After you defeated GlaDOS, you actually see the promised cake:

Game Image of The Portal Cake

For the party we put up Level signs all over the house. J4 even created a couple of “portals” that let you “look through” to other parts of the house. (I really wish I’d taken pictures of them…!)

We had Weighted Companion Cube and Personality Core cookies:

And we had cake. No lie.