What would @chrisbrogan do??

Recently Chris Brogan stopped following everyone on Twitter. His original philosophy was to follow back everyone who followed him. He had hundreds of thousands of followers. After some spam DMs, he decided to start with a clean slate.

Today he sent this tweet:

And it got me thinking…. As a Christian, do I “follow” Jesus Christ in my heart and mind in the same way that I “follow” Chris Brogan on Twitter?

Let’s see what being a @chrisbrogan-follower looks like —

  • His voice, along with about 300 others are in my Twitter stream
  • I occasionally interact with him – sending an @ reply to something that strikes me as interesting, but I know full well that my voice is not likely to be heard
  • And in my stream, he too gets drowned out by other more chattery, needy, demanding to be heard twitterers

So, while I am technically a @chrisbrogan-follower, do you think he and I have a relationship? Is there any indication that we interact at all? Nope! None.

Sometimes I think that being a “Christ-follower” or “Christian” can mean roughly the same in terms of relationship with Christ as I, as a @chrisbrogan-follower, have a relationship with the actual person, Chris. You know, like I’m always open to hearing what Jesus has to say, but it’s more probable that He’ll end up drowned out by the hundreds of other voices in my life.

So, like @chrisbrogan, I think I’m going to do some pruning of my “following” list, but not on Twitter. In my internal thought-life. My #1 desire is to live out the tenet “Jesus is Lord”. That means that He’s at the very top (and almost the entirety) of my list of “input”. It’s time to un-follow all of those other distracting voices that serve no purpose other than to numb me to real, present living.

And how about you? Who are you “following”? Do you have any noise in your life that you really need to let go of?