Note to Organizations who Tweet

I’d like to send a quick message to those wonderful small organizations who have taken the bold step to set up a Twitter account. I’m about to UNFOLLOW you, but I don’t want to. I followed you for a reason. I WANT this relationship to work!

Three things you can do to lose me as a follower:


  1. Sit down once a day and tweet EVERYTHING (or more than 5 tweets) in the span of a couple minutes. What this does flood my feed with so many of your tweets that I stop caring. I may read one, or two, then I’ll skip to the other end of the flood and seriously consider unfollowing. I most certainly will NOT retweet a single one.

  3. Include a link and multiple hashtags in EVERY tweet. Please, just SAY something. Say something that matters. Say something that I can read that makes me like you – or understand you – or care about you! Twitter is more than an upcoming events bulletin board. Please be human!

  5. Retweet every @ conversation you have with someone else. Look, I get that you’re interactive. And I even would like to hear what you have to say, but when you RT in all your @ posts, you’re FORCING me to eavesdrop. The joy of the @ is that you give me the option of listening in, and perhaps follow the people you interact with. Abuse that and I remove all your RTs from my feed.


I hope we can come to an understanding. The twitterer/follower relationship is a pretty fragile one. I would really like ours to continue!