What is the next action?

Just finishing up listening to the audiobook by David Allen, “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity”. I had already read the book, but somehow taking the audiobook along with me in the car (via my phone) made real impact. I noticed that it’s laid out with the action steps up front, and then the reasoning behind the actions at the back.

I am sure I’m late in the game, but Mr. Allen is really on to something. If you, at this moment, are feeling overwhelmed, and over burdened by stuff in your head, then you could stand to give this book a read (or listen!) In fact, if I were to share this book with you, and I knew you weren’t sure if it would work for you, I would probably have you start with Chapter 11. That chapter is more about the “Why” that this system works, not the “How”.

(Or, if you’re searching for something to get you organized, and you’re itching to get started, just dig in at Chapter 1.)

This blog post wasn’t meant to be a book review, though I may convert it into my standard format later. This post is actually me realizing that the thought that came into my head “Hey! I should blog about this!” and my use of the “Can an action item be done in 2 minutes?” criteria for action, I am recklessly(? Ha!) throwing a post out there without formatting or perfectionism kicking in.

I think this book rocks. I think it could help a lot of people. I wanted to tell you about it. So, there it is!