Mend Mark Wristband – Product Review & Giveaway

The Mend Mark Wristband
by Hunter Harrison


  • It’s unusual looking which really can trigger discussions. Since I’m not personally interested in triggering that kind of discussion, for me it was a little nerve wracking — too much “pressure” for having an “answer” to explain it all.
  • I personally want meaningful jewelry or other reminder items for personal reasons. Tokens and trinkets from people I love, or reminders of resolutions are the reason I wear jewelry of this kind. For that purpose it does serve well. The “Remember” and “Love” stamped in it were nice reminders.
  • On a less spiritual note, and more about the product itself, the rubber it’s made of is thin at the strap part, which made me a little nervous when putting it on and taking it off, but not too bad. The part that was a little frustrating was the circles were kind of large on my wrist and it tended to get damp under them, making it kind of sticky.

(Just so ya know, this product was provided to me for free, for review, by The B&B Media Group.)

I have another of these bracelets to give away! If you would like a chance to get one of your own free, please leave a comment below, then on December 1, I will randomly select a winner. Just leave a comment below to be entered!

See Page 2 for the story of The Mend Mark.
See Page 3 for a Q&A with Hunter Harrison, Creator of the Mend Mark

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