Book Review – The Life Book by Carl Blunt

The Life Book, by Carl Blunt

(Just so ya know up front, this book was provided to me, for review, by the The B&B Media Group.)

I will not be rating this as it is basically a version of the Book of John from the Bible. I will, however, still review it using my regular questions.

My Review
Snackable? For the most part, yes. As much as the Bible is an easy read. It’s pretty much the Book of John with commentary by 4 teens and a youth leader.
“Lundie” ending? n/a
Best thing? It’s the book of John presented in a way that feels like a bit of a discussion.
Worst thing? I wouldn’t say it’s a “bad” thing, but it is definitely geared toward High School students (by design) not to an old “mom” like me.
Special Features from the Publisher

The Life Book Intro Video from The Life Book Movement on Vimeo.

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