Changes that stick

I’ve been sucked into watching Hoarders on TV lately. As I was putting away dishes this evening, I thought about the changes I’ve been making to my health. (I vlog about it on my SparkPage). While I want to make all these good changes all at once, it’s just not realistic.

I don’t know if you’ve watched Hoarders, but one of the things they do is bring in a counselor and a home organizer. One to hand-hold through the emotional discussion, the other to orchestrate the beginnings of the clean-out. I have been really impressed by two things: 1) the home organizer insists that the hoarder is the one to make the final decision about whether to throw, give, or keep the items in question, and 2) a clean sweep of the house almost never “fixes” the hoarder.

So, as much as diet plans and quick fixes have the allure of being rescued from what ails me, when it comes down to it, if I’m not the one making the changes, then they’re not gonna stick.

Here’s to slow and steady changes that last….