Capital One – I’m having second thoughts…

Ok. Total rant here.

I opened our Capital One statement today and saw an insert entitled “WHAT DOES CAPITAL ONE DO WITH YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION?” Now at first glance this looks like a really great open, honest, responsible mailing.

And it’s all well and good until you call the toll free number listed in order to limit the sharing of your personal information.

It starts out pleasant enough…Do you have a Capital One card? Yes. Say or type your card number. Ok. What are the last four digits of your SS#? Ok, did that. Then it warns you that you have to go all the way to the end of the call in order to confirm that your selections are complete. Fine. They even recommend having the flyer right in front of you so you can read along. Great! I want to be clear about my choices.

Then the questions start. I wish I had a transcript of the questions. All I know is that even with listening closely, paper for reference, and a relatively solid grasp of the English language, when it came to the end, the final “confirmation questions” were some of the best examples of the use of “double negatives” I’ve ever heard!

The last question was something brain scrambling like “You have opted to cancel advertising from non-affiliates. If this is not correct, say ‘Cancel'”. And then there’s a huge silence. (Remember, I’ve been warned that I must CONFIRM my selection in order for my preference to be saved.) I was given no other option than to say “cancel”. No helpful, “If this is correct, say, ‘Confirm'” or any other positively worded direction that reassured you that you in fact were successful in protecting your personal information. So, having gambled that answer I wanted to give was a positive response, I waited. And it said my choices had been saved. (Not that I had ANY real clue what choice I had made…)

So, the call is over, and I have absolutely no idea what I’d just done (or not done). So I called back. I got a call center person on the line and confirmed I had been removed from their lists. Should I have had to do that?? No! Does this make me want to keep using my Capital One card? No.

I am a believer in doing good business. Hey, Capital One! Do I understand that you exist to make money? Well, duh! But seriously people. You just turned a customer relationship building opportunity into a full-on reason to distrust you. I felt tricked. My husband and I are solid, long term customers. We pay on time and in full. Now, I seriously don’t like you. So much so, I will be taking a serious look at the other credit cards we have but have not often used, and honestly? We will most likely be switching our purchasing activity somewhere I feel treats their customers as assets, not targets.

And hey, it’s my money, right?