Book Review – Nightmare, by Robin Parrish

by Robin Parrish

(Just so ya know up front, this book was provided to me, for review, by the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance.)

In the Christian Fiction category, this book receives a 4 out of 5 stars. Click here for more details on what my scores and ratings mean.

My Review
Snackable? Not really, although the chapters are not terribly long, and they do have good solid breaks between chapters (past/present). Suspense-wise, it’s not easy to just read a little and put it down.
“Lundie” ending? Yes. 🙂
Best thing? It was genuinely scary. It addressed the paranormal in a way that was respectful, in my opinion of the Christian world view. I especially like what the author had to say in the “From the Author” section:

I believe that there are all manner of supernatural things happening in the spiritual realm at all times. And I believe that the spirit realm exists parallel to the mortal world we live in, and the two overlap in ways we can’t and won’t fully understand until our time here is over.

Worst thing? First, as much as I wanted to read this book, there were a couple of nights that I was reading in bed when I decided it was a bad idea. Again, to quote the author,

“While I’m fascinated by the work of paranormal investigators, it cannot be overstressed that touching the paranormal is inherently dangerous.”

Mr. Parrish’s writing had me right there in the thick of it, and frankly, some parts had me a little spooked and were best saved until morning.
Second, the flow of the last few chapters had me struggling. I suppose when anyone tries to write about the (fictional) truth behind the mysterious and paranormal, it can be difficult to accept. It certainly wasn’t enough to stop me from re-reading this book somewhere in the future.

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