Book Review: Indivisible, by Kristen Heitzmann

Indivisible: A Novel
by Kristen Heitzmann

Just so ya know up front, this book was provided to me, for review, by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

As this is the first review since my hiatus from all things bloggy, my scoring is getting recrafted. I think I’m going to start giving a 1-5 scale for the book overall based on its genre.

5 stars = “Go buy it right now!!! I’m getting it for my Kindle too!”
4 stars = “Add it to your wish list ASAP. I’m keeping mine.”
3 stars = “Yeah, I enjoyed it. I’ll pass it on.”
2 stars = “Glad I didn’t pay for it! Or if I did, you can have mine if you still want to read it.”
1 star = “Don’t bother. I won’t even burden you with my copy.”

In the Christian Romance Fiction category, this book receives a 3 out of 5 stars.

My Review
Snackable? Middle of the road. You do need have to have a few minutes to sit down to hang on to the clues along the way.
“Lundie” ending? Had a predictably happy ending.
Best thing? The theme of recovery (from addiction, abuse, etc.) was prevalent in all story lines.
Worst thing? It was hard for me to read such dark concepts (torture of animals) in what I was expecting to be an otherwise “Christian” novel. I actually do enjoy forensic science (esp. Patricia Cornwell – Kay Scarpetta series), and am not easily grossed out, but somehow the shock factor of the suffering of the animals made me ill in this genre. It felt like the “yuck” factor was turned up a notch to make the book a little more “edgy” and I’m not sure the usual readers for this type of book will appreciate it. I didn’t.
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