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Gratitude – May 20

holy experience

  1. Hot coffee in the morning
  2. Happy weather to walk around the neighborhood
  3. Quiet
  4. Sunshine
  5. The feeling you get when you’ve completed something you’d been procrastinating…

If you’d like to join the gratitude community, stop on over at Ann V’s blog, Holy Experience

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Video Review – Diarmaid MacCulloch’s A History of Christianity

A History of Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years
Presented by Diarmaid MacCulloch

Video 1 of this series was provided to me, for review, by The B&B Media group.

My Review
What I liked
  • I was a little disappointed when he said he wouldn’t be addressing Jesus, but I was glad about it as the video progressed. This video is a history of the Christian church as an organization.
  • It was fascinating! I got sucked right in, as I am prone to do with all historical fact shows. It’s weird to me how things can seem so boring by description, but can’t seem to turn it off once I start…
  • Totally agree with his observation about how Western Christianity might do well to take a lesson from the Church of the East, and learn how to LISTEN.
What I didn’t like
  • At first it was a little distracting because all I could think was that he sounded like Stewie from Family Guy, but that faded after 10 minutes or so.
Special Features from the Publisher
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Book Review: Indivisible, by Kristen Heitzmann

Indivisible: A Novel
by Kristen Heitzmann

Just so ya know up front, this book was provided to me, for review, by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

As this is the first review since my hiatus from all things bloggy, my scoring is getting recrafted. I think I’m going to start giving a 1-5 scale for the book overall based on its genre.

5 stars = “Go buy it right now!!! I’m getting it for my Kindle too!”
4 stars = “Add it to your wish list ASAP. I’m keeping mine.”
3 stars = “Yeah, I enjoyed it. I’ll pass it on.”
2 stars = “Glad I didn’t pay for it! Or if I did, you can have mine if you still want to read it.”
1 star = “Don’t bother. I won’t even burden you with my copy.”

In the Christian Romance Fiction category, this book receives a 3 out of 5 stars.

My Review
Snackable? Middle of the road. You do need have to have a few minutes to sit down to hang on to the clues along the way.
“Lundie” ending? Had a predictably happy ending.
Best thing? The theme of recovery (from addiction, abuse, etc.) was prevalent in all story lines.
Worst thing? It was hard for me to read such dark concepts (torture of animals) in what I was expecting to be an otherwise “Christian” novel. I actually do enjoy forensic science (esp. Patricia Cornwell – Kay Scarpetta series), and am not easily grossed out, but somehow the shock factor of the suffering of the animals made me ill in this genre. It felt like the “yuck” factor was turned up a notch to make the book a little more “edgy” and I’m not sure the usual readers for this type of book will appreciate it. I didn’t.
Special Features from the Publisher Download Chapter 1
Audio Interview with Author – MP3
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Jib-Jab Star Wars – Starring: The Pinners

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BIG Finale

The posts that I had prepped in my brain were all tied to pictures that I had not had time to download, upload and embed, so today’s BIG post is a summary of all of them in one shot! And I AM going to get this posted before April is over…I WILL!!

ETA: Ok, so I didn’t…but we’re going to PRETEND I did, aren’t we?!?

The BIG Day

My cousin (and ringbearer for our wedding) Shane got married this month. Jack carried on the tradition. Don’t they look cool!

BIG Produce

I just recently discovered the Butera market near my house. I am so completely lame that this was the first time I’ve been in there (and we’ve lived in this house for almost 13 years!!) Went in the front door and was amazed at the selection of produce! It was wonderful! I’ve been really trying to have good veggies on hand for snacking as well as cooking, and this fit the bill!

Also, as I was leaving, I stopped by the greenhouse and picked up this little cutie! (I just LOVE the smell and taste of fresh basil!)

BIG Trucks

The curbs, sidewalks and streets in our entire subdivision are being repaired over the next month or so. This morning we were greeted by many big trucks hanging out in the cul-de-sac. The poor school bus driver had to weave all around just to get close enough to pick up JP5!


Ok, so there’s no hiding that I am a BTVS (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) fan. I have all 7 seasons of videos and I have watched them more than once. I’ve read two of the Twilight books, and have seen one of the movies. In the realm of vampire fiction I’m hugely on the sizzle-not-twinkle side.

Anyway, I stumbled onto this video and I’m still cheering!! Go Buffy!