Those Turbines are BIG!

While travelling this afternoon we passed by the Mendota Hills Wind Farm (visible on either side of I-88 around mile marker 85-90). I felt like a little kid as we drove between these 214 feet tall wind turbines. It’s just so exciting to me to see evidence that we’re beginning to embrace the idea of renewable energy sources! Since we didn’t get close enough for a good picture, I’ll have to settle for one from Wikipedia —

Photo by Duel Freq, via Wikipedia.

Happy Weekend!


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    Cool! I loved to see different energy sources at use…. I am wondering if I can get a big one of those to run my AC this summer?

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    Ok, this is too funny. I have a wind farm post planned for this month too!!! I don’t think this is the same one that I’m posting about. The one that we saw is near DeKalb – between Ottawa and DeKalb. The Lee-DeKalb Wind Farm.

    I love it. Those wind turbines are awesome.

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    Maybe this IS the same one…?

    You have your posts PLANNED?!? You’re waaaay ahead of me girl! I’m just amazed I’m still posting.

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