Nothing BIG

Nothing is coming to mind for my post for today. It was a back-to-business kind of day, after having been thrown way off our routines by Spring Break.

I previewed a pretty interesting DVD today. I will post the review here in the next few days.

Hmmmm….what else? I started working on a budget. I nabbed one that was all set up to work in Google Docs, shared at So far it’s pretty cool. More on that later.

J5 had a friend over today. As J5 gets older, and the weather gets warmer, my gratitude grows exponentially for our neighbors with a boy his age. There’s nothing like a buddy to burn off that preschool energy!

Bored yet? 🙂

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    Hope you find it useful my friend! Def. edit/crop/tweak the budget as it fits with your situation 😉 I actually mashed a few together along with some color to create it, and 2 years later I’m still using it on a monthly basis!

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