Blessings – BIG and small

Picking up again on my 1000 Gifts List as well…

holy experience

  1. The relief I feel reaching a break-through on a work issue my brain has been working on for a while.
  2. My father listened to his body’s warning signs and got to the hospital before he had a heart attack. Two stents later and he’s on a solid road to recovery
  3. Good neighbors becoming good friends
  4. Skype – it makes it so easy to feel genuinely connected to loved ones over long distances!
  5. My Kindle – my passion for reading has been re-kindled, and made so much more space friendly!

If you’d like to join the gratitude community, stop on over at Ann V’s blog, Holy Experience

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    What a great idea, I know you to be of grateful heart, and listing them out is good for you and us! (Reminders). Have a blessed day, you are loved. ((HUGS))

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