BIG Yard

Today has been glorious! Started my morning with a cup of my favorite (french vanilla DD!) coffee, reading up on my favorite minimalist blogs: and

Having my desire for a clutter-free life solidly rejuvenated, I managed to get all the tubs of clothes out from under my bed and sorted through. (The back of my Element is now completely full of bags of clothes I do not wear – Goodwill bound!) A couple more bags into the trash, and my closets and clothes cupboard are breathing a sigh of relief!

Before After

After a tasty light lunch (and a nap for J5) we did yard work as a family. J4 & J5 picked up sticks, and I got the dreaded poop patrol! (For those who do not know us IRL, we have a 90 lb. Boxer) The back yard never seems so BIG as when picking up dog poop!


This evening we enjoyed a super tasty dinner from Pitaville (the falafel and baklawa were especially YUM!), using our new (to us) patio set on our back deck — the first of many meals enjoyed outside, I hope!

How’s your weekend going?

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    Beautiful! A picture is worth a thousand words. You have given me encouragement!

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