BIG Gratitude

Today was a BEAUTIFUL DAY!! The weather was close to perfect in my book!

Today, we reunited with an old friend, and made two new ones. It was a big day in my book. Something as simple as a snack and a chat closed the gap on a lot of years.

We also opened a new chapter of our lives as the in-laws settle into a new home. Watching J5 explore and declare his appreciation and approval kicked off the new era of going to “154”*!

As I contemplate this theme: “Big”, I realize I don’t really care for the word that much. I think I’m going with the idea of noting “the big stuff” that happens in my day. But often, the “big” stuff is really “little” stuff that I just really want to identify as significant.

I’ve managed to get TWO WHOLE DAYS posted…only 28 to go! Cheers!

*For those who don’t know J5 – he often identifies locations by their “numbers”, rather than by their purpose…