BIG Boy Bike

This afternoon I had one of those wonderful “perfect moments”. You know, the ones where just for a brief flash you realize THIS is life! THIS is a moment to enjoy. We bought our very first bike helmets (a first for all three of us), and J5 had his first ride on his new big boy bike. J4 and I got the tires inflated on our new (to us) bikes, and had a ride around our neighborhood.

We rode to the playground, where J5 had a swing and a slide, then declared it was time to go riding again. As we headed home, with J4 and J5 ahead of me, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the ability to be outside, to be doing something good for our health, and for a chance to spend time with my two favorite guys in the whole world!


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    Written beautifully, Lundie.

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    Awesome. I can’t wait for family bike rides. Hailey does not even want to practice riding her bike!

    (PS: I got Toy Story Mania today and she didn’t want to play it…again!) Grrr…

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