Book Review – The Shack – Rating: 8 out of 10

[This has been sitting in my drafts since June, ’09. Don’t know how that happened…!]

The Shack Book Cover

The Shack, by W. Paul Young

How I came to read this book:

I had heard a lot about it from various sources in the Christian community. Saw a book that was written to counter it, and another to explain it. Figured if it was that controversial, it would be an interesting read. When my mom offered me her copy to read, I took her up on it. Since then I have purchased 3, one to keep and two to share when I feel so led.

Score Summary

  • Content: 10
  • Writing Style: 6
  • Re-readability: 10
  • Busy Mommy Scale: 6


This book was amazing. It was difficult to read, emotionally, and had many different layers of meaning. It was full of ideas that stretched my conservative Christian understanding of God in a way that expanded my view rather than conflicted with it. It spoke to me personally in a very profound way.

Writing Style

Sometimes I found the setting descriptions hard to get rhythmically. I found myself skimming here and there (usually in sections I felt were unnecessary) trying to get to the meat…to the point. (Part of this urge to read on was internal – caused by me needing closure regarding his daughter).


There was so much that impacted me emotionally and spiritually that I feel it warrants a re-read or two to see how it holds up. Some books are powerful due to timing (right book/right time) and others are always (or never) that way. Not sure about this one yet. I was reading it when I had my first miscarriage so the timing was a God-thing.

Busy Mommy Scale

Due to the difficult time I had with the writing style, it was not conducive to a short bursts of reading. I often had to back up a page or two to get back into it.

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    I made the mistake of trying to listen to The Shack on my ipod while I was up at the gym. I wept my way through more than one workout. It was worth it!

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