One Thousand Gifts – Part 94

  • 760. Hearing from God from multiple directions at once. In gratitude, I return to this process of acknowledging the blessings He has given me.
  • 761. Friends. Too many to count. Each special to me in a unique way.
  • 762. Music. It unleashes a creativity in me I didn’t believe existed. Different music – different moods – different results. All wonderful.
  • 763. Seeing life through 3 1/2 year old eyes.
  • 764. Having so much food that I am capable of being overweight – and having my eyes opened to the true blessing that it is.
  • 765. The limitlessness of grace.
  • 766. The feel of a pen in my hand and a blank piece of paper in front of me.
  • 767. Technology that brings people closer together.
  • 768. Another day to love my husband.
  • 769. Moments of peace, right before falling asleep.
  • 770. My life.

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