March NaBloPoMo – Day 2 – Giving (Up)

Today I am giving up a bit of ignorance. I have started tracking my nutritional intake using SparkPeople. Out of curiosity, I looked up one of my favorite Starbucks drinks.

As I started making my way through the Starbucks site, I realized that I may not like what I see once I got to the truth about what I have been consuming.

I didn’t.

But…I am glad to have done it. I don’t want to blindly close my eyes anymore. Today I strike a blow against my willful ignorance.

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    Hi Lundie, I joined NaBloPoMo several months ago and never did it =), way to much for me to post everyday! Good for you for looking up the nutrition! I think I may head back on over to sparkpeople , it’s always good to know what you are eating and I like spinning that wheel!

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