CD Review – Jeremy Camp – Speaking Louder Than Before

Jeremy Camp‘s newest album, Speaking Louder Than Before, is now available in stores.

Jeremy Camp has been a favorite of mine since I first heard “Take My Life” from his album, Stay. ( Link to hear Take My Life)

I find that with most Christian artists, my like or dislike of their music is as much about their correlation with my spiritual mood/mode as it is about their music. With artists like Jeremy, it’s about the whole package – music, lyrics & message and how God uses or does not use it to communicate with me. I tend to purchase an album initially because the music really resonates with me.

Currently, my favorite songs from this album: Slow Down Time, Speaking Louder Than Before, Giving You All Control, There Will Be A Day. As with all of Jeremy’s albums, this will get regular rotation on my iPod.

If you’re interested in reading more about Jeremy, you can click HERE to open his full bio for this release, provided by Overture Media.

Thanks to Yahoo, you can view the premier of the “Speaking Louder Than Before” video:

Note: The commercial that is played before the video is totally out of my hands…

Also, the CD Release Show put out by the Jeremy Camp folks…