One Thousand Gifts – Part 93

  • 756. Blue sky & sunshine. Regardless of the temperature outside, there’s nothing like clear blue to cheer up my heart.
  • 757. Having routines with J5 when he gets off the bus from school – hugs, blankies, snacks, and now… Rolie Polie Olie!
  • 758. Looking forward to Florida vacation to go see The Mouse!
  • 759. Avedis had a good night at the clinic and even ate dinner.

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    Lundie, the Finnish flag is just THAT blue with the background as white as snow. They only fly the flag on designated flag days. It always filled me with gladness when it was flag day. It was so fresh in the summer – like the thousands of lakes – and so serene in the winter.

    thanks for the memory

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