One Thousand Gifts – Part 90

  • 731. Friends, both IRL and blog, who are participating with me in a 30-day Thin Within challenge. They are a great help and blessing to me at a time when I’m tempted to give up and do something else.
  • 732. A warm home.
  • 733. The smell of freshly laundered sheets right out of the dryer.
  • 734. J4 – inspiring me to take action when I truly believe in something.
  • 735. J5 – our beautiful boy – my heart just about bursts lookin’ at him.
  • 736. The colors of fall.
  • 737. The excitement of the upcoming holidays. I love the holiday season!
  • 738. The prospect of spending time with a couple of women I highly respect.
  • 739. A new week
  • 740. Sleep