We’re gearing up to send J5 to preschool, starting this week. It’s been a bit of a rough transition for me as I prepare for my little boy to stop being my really little boy, to a big one. Backpack, and notebook, markers and crayons, paints and glue have been purchased. Schedules set. Lives changing.

It will be good. It will.


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    The hardest part of holding on is the letting go.
    Prayers are with you Lundie.

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    You will find he will gain so much more from being around other children his age. Jacob has come so far from being at preschool. It was more a harder transition for me, not being there for every therapy…not knowing what is happening every second. But it’s been a release although I still have moments of wanting that control back. He will do great and you will learn to enjoy those hours that you will now have “free”. Will be praying for you guys.

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    wow, Shelley’s comment just sent chills through me, she’s right…

    lots of love and positive thoughts from our family to yours.

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