Menu Plan Monday – Sep 15-21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday
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I’m an Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday

Plans are still very iffy here.  Stuff changes all the time.  I’m dreading the trip to the grocery store as it is STILL raining.  Has been for the past few days.  Parts of the town are closed due to flooding.  I’ll be posting pics later today (I hope) of that.  J4 just got back from taking a bunch of pics and video.

Weekday Dinners & Weekend Breakfasts

Monday – Crock Italian Beef Sandwiches, Sweet Potatoes, Salad [Didn’t have them last week as planned]

Tuesday – Leftover Italian Beef

Wednesday – Parmesan Chicken, Noodles, Sauce, Garlic bread, 

Thursday – Leftover Chicken

Friday – Special K loaf, Potatoes Au Gratin, Edamame

Saturday – French Toast, Bacon, Hash Browns

Sunday – Leftovers / Cereal

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    Mmmmm. Italian beef in the crockpot is the best. That smell in the house all day…..

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