Day 19 of 60-60 Experiment

Things I have noticed so far:

  • God doesn’t butt into my life. I have to choose to be involved with him. I should stop thinking of these alarms that interrupt as an intrusion. [Ironic that my alarm is interrupting this blog post, eh?] I set my cell phone calendar to chime once an hour. Now when I hear it, I think…”God’s calling ME!” and it’s gotten a lot more personal.
  • Doing something like this puts me smack dab in the middle of spiritual warfare. It’s amazing how complicated life can get when you do something visible with God.
  • I feel immediately connected with other people who are also doing this experiment. It’s like we’re family. Oh yeah….we are! 🙂
  • I don’t get quiet with God nearly often enough. That “Be still, and know that I am God” thing is pretty important.
  • I don’t want this to end. So much so that I hope to be able to gather more people to do the book study again after I’m done this time through.


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    LP, I am finding myself praying for things and at times I normally wouldn’t take a break for. When my reminder (that I always forget I set) goes off in the middle of a meeting – I pray for the topic at hand, for wisdom, concensus… Or when it goes off in the middle of my complaining (I laugh)and then pray for a the thing that is irritating me…

    This really has brought to light, yet again, the realization that God IS…HERE…NOW.

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    I have found a hard time recently, I believe we are on day 9? Have to check. The beeps remind me of God, and how much I want to spend time with him but cannot… this whole integration thing is really hard for my husband and myself. I suppose we should be more intentional about reading the book together too, that will help. Sometimes I am pleasantly suprised that I am singing a worship song when it beeps, and I say, hey God, I was just singing to you….
    I am going to try to think of God calling me, see how that goes, even though I am using a watch.

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