I read Dave Ferguson’s blog entry last night on hearing from God everyday.

I watched portions of a video on the DARPA Grand Challenge, a competition to create driverless cars.  In the video they explained how the software had to be written to handle the plethora of course corrections needed to keep the vehicles on course as things in the environment changed around them.

I realized that we’re made exactly the same way.  We can’t expect our weekly “church fix” of guidance from God to keep us fed and motivated and guided through all the “stuff” that comes up throughout the week.  Goodness – try all the “stuff” that comes up throughout a single DAY!

Not unlike the satellites that feed directions to the GPS units, we have a Father who has the birds’ eye view of life as we know it.  Why WOULDN’T I tap into that?  He’s free.  He’s available 24/7.  No hardware needed.

Yeah.  Just a thought…