One Thousand Gifts – Part 89

  • 721.  Working for an organization whose owners believe in enabling genuine leadership.
  • 722.  The sound of my son “reading” his books.  Happily.  In bed.
  • 723.  A day spent with my mom.
  • 724.  A spiritually refilling day to prep me for more potentially stressful health news.
  • 725.  Finding ways to “pay it forward”.
  • 726.  Hot coffee in a new thermal mug.
  • 727.  Finding I can use Yahoo Messenger with my very antiquated cell phone.
  • 728.  Scripture reading assignments for church (currently Nehemiah) – love to learn new stuff, and know that others are reading about the same things as I am.
  • 729.  J5 getting to spend time with BOTH his grandmas.
  • 730.  Sunshine