Friends and Neighbors

My heart is pretty full right now.  J4 has been working his butt off to keep our home in good condition.  Spent the hot hours of the day treating our driveway.  I love that man.

We have lived in this home for over 11 years.  Neighbors have come and gone.  Ashamedly, after really good friend neighbors on either side of us moved away, and then we had J5, we retreated into our home and have not reached out to know our new neighbors.

Today, we were blessed with several moments of kindness.  One neighbor helped out when our tar-spreader-squeegie-thingie broke by loaning us his.  Then, he brought over peaches from their tree in the back yard.  Seriously yummy.   A little while later, another neighbor stopped by with a bag of fresh tomatoes from his garden.  I’m eating a fresh tomato sandwich as I write.  Doesn’t get much better than this!

In turn, I plan to make a double batch of my Corn, Avocado & Tomato Salsa (Ok, it’s not MY recipe, but I make it a lot…) and return the neighborly gesture.  Maybe even go a step further and give to a neighbor who didn’t do something nice for us today?  I really want to develop a much stronger pay-it-forward mentality!

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    Thanks for the reminder, I really do want to reach out to my neighbors, even though we never see them. I should be the one to make the first step, right? Its not like we have gardens in our condos, so I will have to be more creative, and I don’t cook much.
    I would love to try that famous salsa of yours. Hey, if you make it, its yours!

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