Day 5 – 60-60 Experiment

There’s a lot going on in my head, in my life, in my spirit.  I have wanted to blog about it several times, but I don’t yet have the words.

This Experiment has, so far, been the most profoundly impactful thing I’ve done.  It’s bringing things to the forefront that I haven’t really dealt with yet.  It’s humbling me and refining me.  It’s also giving me a level of connection with God that I don’t know if I’ve maintained very often, but don’t want to do without.

I got a copy of Soul Reflection yesterday (Thanks, Mike!), and I can tell you this…when it’s released, I’ll be recommending it to anyone who wants to change their life.

God is good.  God is here among us.  And he’s ready for you, whenever you ask!


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    Hey LP!
    I love the “willingness” factor that John talks about, too. It is so crazy how we have all the answers, but often don’t tell God we are willing to accept them.
    Thanks for being excited about this and infecting me

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    Looking forward to its release. I’m needing some good insightful reads these days.

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