Day 1 – 60-60 Experiment

Wow. That’s all I can say, really. I probably won’t be posting a great deal of details about my journey. I am journaling offline. I do hope to post once in a while with any particularly impactful discoveries.

I’ve been carrying around a kitchen timer all day.  It’s amazing how fast an hour can go sometimes.  But I’m not complaining.  There’s a lot to be said for choosing to remember on an hourly basis that I am not alone – that God is RIGHT HERE all the time, ready to interact with me whenever I want/need to.

I’m still praying and looking for a few people to participate in this challenge with me.  If anyone is interested, you can click HERE to view the first two chapters of John’s book.   And if anyone is already participating in the Experiment, I would love to hear how it’s going for you!