One Thousand Gifts – Part 86

I’ve not had much to say lately. At least not the general, need to share with the world on my blog sense. I just can’t put stuff out there if it doesn’t mean something.

One thing I am going to do, however, is be grateful.

  • 701. My guys here at home with me.
  • 702. Godly friends to give and receive encouragement and intercession.
  • 703. My parents are driving up to see us this weekend. I really miss my mom a LOT and they’re making the trip, despite gas prices!
  • 704. Modern medicine.
  • 705. Holiday weekends.
  • 706. Milling around the house, around each other, feeling peace.
  • 707. Friendly game players.
  • 708. Fresh air.
  • 709. Mild weather.
  • 710. Sunshine.