Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee!

I’m choosing to do a gratitude post today because what I really want to do is whine and complain about being miserably sick (along with my 2 1/2 year old…) on my birthday, but I know that’s not the graceful way out of this particular “down time”.

One Thousand Gifts – Part 84

  • 686. My mom’s health prayer/mantra “The healing power of Jesus is working in me, and I am getting better and better each day.”
  • 687. The kindness of a coworker (and friend) to bring me hot chicken soup and Starbucks coffee.
  • 688. That J5 is feeling good enough to dance on the couch along with the teddy bear on Teletubbies (even though I’ve told him not to!).
  • 689. The humidity that I normally despise, which is now keeping J5’s lungs moist enough to not develop croup.
  • 690. A seriously sweet birthday card from J4.
  • 691. My new iPod nano! (Thanks hon!)
  • 692. A new book to inspire change in me.
  • 693. eCards from friends and family.
  • 694. The temp outside is cool enough to have refreshing breezes in through the open window.
  • 695. J5’s delight in the Disney shows we’ve got on our DVR so he’s letting me recuperate without too much strain.