Action vs. Submission

Are they different? What is the active part of submission? I’m struggling right now with being me. I am stubborn. I am difficult to move.

I would like to change that.

I’ve taken a different approach to my physical health by taking action in my exercise. That’s something that I can just push myself to do. But submitting my excess food? That’s a trickier thing. I want to take action.

So, is there an active aspect of submitting one’s will to God? Or is it just a spiritual “time-out”?

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    Personally, I believe submitting to Gods will is a constant action. It’s an action you have to take over and over and over and over again. My ego is constantly coming up with great ways to try and take the reigns of my life out of God’s hands. Then I have to take the action to surrender to the will of God – again.

    You’d think I’d eventually stop having to make that conscious choice. But so far, no such luck.


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