NaBloPoMo – Day 17 / One Thousand Gifts – Part 82

  • 671. Got to chat with my girlfriend, Amy, who now has taken full custody of her newly adopted daughter, Karina! They’re still in Kazakhstan and doing very well.
  • 672. Spent the morning with J5 at the first of this sessions park district program for his age group. Tiring, but good!
  • 673. First lawn care of the season. Hard work, but good exercise and a good excuse to be outside.
  • 674. Being involved with the CCC family.
  • 675. Working with people who pour their hearts into missions, and live ministry fully.
  • 676. Working for an organization that also puts mission as one of its highest priorities – supporting one of the most amazing missions: Philippine Frontline Ministries / Face The Children.
  • 677. The ability to webchat with my parents for free, so they can see J5 growing even though we live far away.
  • 678. A breaking heart for these FTC kids, and a deeper understand of what being part of a missional community actually means.
  • 679. Renewed hope that I can change.
  • 680. The life God has blessed me with.