Geocaching – Trip #1

We had a really good day. Our very first Geocaching trip! We went outside. We walked. We hiked. We searched. We found!

For those of you new (like us) to the concept, geocaching is basically a scavenger hunt done with GPS! People create “caches” and place them around the world, then post their location using latitude and longitude coordinates, and then others run around trying to find them. Simple? Not always.

To learn a bunch more about the process, check out I have no idea why, but simply the idea of this had me SO excited. And I have to say, after having done one, I can sense an addiction forming. And it has the added benefit of fresh air and exercise!

When you find a cache, you have multiple options. You can just simply sign the log, leave a token item, or you can exchange an item. The caches can be any variety of container. You use a GPS device to locate the general vicinity of where the container was stashed, and then you look. And look, and look, and look. 🙂

It took us about 20-30 minutes to find this one. The container was not the one we expected, but very fun to find, nonetheless. I think the hardest part of the search was keeping Jack from running off on his own. He was having a really good time, running around, and whacking things with a stick he picked up!

When we found the cache, I laid the items out (see below). We were hoping the container would have been the larger one that we saw in some of the log pictures from over the years. (This particular cache was originally stashed in March 2004.) So, our contribution ended up in a ziploc baggie hidden with the container. Hopefully someone will find it and take it soon! 🙂

Let me know if you ever want to join us on an excursion. Weather permitting, I think this is about to become our new weekend pastime!!


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    Congratulations on your first geocache find! And welcome to the addiction. My wife and I have been geocaching for less than a year now, and we are having a blast! Two of my sons are now taking the grandkids out in search of caches. We blog about our adventures at The Northwoods Geocats

    If you stop by, sign our log – just like a real geocache!

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    Hey Lundie glad you started my 2nd favorite hobby next to creating hot sauces. I have a blast with my boys and Heather. The boys think they are pirates looking for treasure. May be we can hook up some time and cache together. I am in Michigan getting ready to release 12 Travel Bugs that I have moved from chicago to help their mission. I am also about to do my own caches I have two ammo cans ready to go. Let me know what log name you are using on Say Hi to John for me.

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