Tapped Out

Ok, I’m just about at the end of me. I’m tired, I’m fried and I’m starting to hate numbers. Being alone with numbers especially. It’s amazing how quickly you can twist yourself into a pretzel when dealing with account reconciliations and adjusting journal entries and discrepancies and rounding and pennies here and there. It’s been enough to make me question who I am. I mean… Lundie… hating numbers???

What’s up with that?!?



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    At my last full-time job, I had to do a lot with MS Excel, more than I understood. Someone was just showing me the “surface” way to get through the task at hand. I had countless nights where all I would dream about was Excel and numbers and formulas. I thought I was going crazy!

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    UUUhhhh yeah!!! You are the number queen!!! You need to take a vacay!!!

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