Weigh In – Tales from the Scales

Tales from the Scales LogoThis is my first Weigh-In for the Tales from the Scales Challenge. I did my initial weigh-in on Monday.

I’m reading (and actually DOING this time) the book, Thin Within, which is meant to be read in 30-days. I finished my Day 3 reading and goal setting today. The plan is to just do my weigh-ins for this challenge on Wednesday mornings. The challenge ends before I’ll be done with my 30 day reading, but let’s hope another challenge gets started right away!

Here’s my progress ticker:


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    Good luck on your journey, we’re all in this together!

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    congrats on joining us! Good luck! It will be tough during the holidays but if you make the right choices and stay focused you can still enjoy “some” of the good stuff!

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    Welcome to the challenge! It’s a lot of fun to have others along on the journey.

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    Blessings, Lundie! Wishing you all the best!

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