One Thousand Gifts – Part 74

  • 591. Hot cocoa w/marshmallows
  • 592. The way J5 says “Kank Yewww Mommeeee!”
  • 593. Watching J4 teach J5 how to throw.
  • 594. J5’s *smack* after I put chapstick on him.
  • 595. Getting hit with a snowstorm on the way home FROM shopping, not TO shopping like the rest of our town.
  • 596. An evening out with friends.
  • 597. Knowing that when our toddler is screaming and throwing a tantrum that he also has the sweetest side to balance it out.
  • 598. On time bedtimes
  • 599. Managing to avoid the kitchen for the entire evening.
  • 600. My husband. He’s just always there, always wonderful and I’m always thankful.